Bring Out Your Inner Villain This Halloween: 5 Jamberry Nail Wrap Designs To Rock The Night Away

“Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees, tonight is Halloween!” – Dexter Kozen

Can you feel the eerie wind kissing your skin and the chill that’s going down your spine? Don’t be surprised – it’s All Hallows’ Eve. It is believed that during this day, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural entities roam, haunt, and spread terror within the land. People then dress up and wear masks to ward off these spooky creatures. Or, so it was believed back in the ancient days and now, out of respect of the superstition, we celebrate this once a year festivity with thrill, plus a bundle of excitement.


Halloween is just around the corner, have you decided on what costume to wear? If yes, then that’s great, and if not yet, you still have few more days to go. On this special occasion, most people dress up as vampires, ghosts, zombies, witches, their favorite TV or movie characters, prince/princess, and of course, villains. Well, being a villain is fun. Not to mention, the makeup and overall look are truly terrifyingly beautiful. A lot of people prefer being villains on Halloween because it’s this time of year when they can actually be evil on the outside. So, if you want to be a villain, here are five Jamberry nail wrap designs you could consider to top off your outfit.


  1. Jamberry Mistress Of All Evil Nail Wrapjamberry mistress of all evil

Did you know that the most popular villain costume during Halloween is Maleficent? After Disney released its movie back in 2014 which stars Angelina Jolie as the evil fairy, people from all over the world can’t get enough of her. If you feel like personifying Maleficent, then go for it. Get your costume ready, especially the horns, and have our nails designed with the Mistress of Evil nail wrap – it’s the ultimate reflection of your character. When you enter a party, don’t forget to speak out one of Maleficent’s line.


  1. Jamberry Unfortunate Souls Nail Wrapjamberry unfortunate souls

Who would ever forget Ursula? The mean and nasty antagonist in the life of Ariel who also feeds on the poor, unfortunate souls. Well, she’s a tough villain and not to mention, has an exotic taste for fashion and makeup. If you’re going to portray her, you really have to copy her look and overall outfit (you can tweak it a bit). Best of all, use the Unfortunate Souls nail wrap design for your nails to completely bring her character to life – from head to toe, even in your fingernails.


  1. Jamberry The Reflection Of Evil Nail Wrapjamberry the reflection of evil

Of course, Snow White’s evil stepmother is always present during Halloween – she’s the one and only Evil Queen. Even though she’s wicked, she has style and class. You can buy her costume in stores near you or you can make one. To go well with your outfit, you can go ahead and try adding design to your nails with The Reflection of Evil nail wrap. This nail wrap design is chic and fabulous which will definitely suit your despicable character.


  1. Jamberry Yes, Your Majesty Nail Wrapjamberry yes your majesty

Off with their heads! No other villain is known for this line, only the Queen of Hearts – the detestable ruler who loves to oppress her people especially Alice. She obviously loves red and has a fascination with huge things, just like her head. After Helena Bonham-Carter played this role in the movie, she has become a common character during Halloween. Whenever you decide to embody her, top off your costume with Yes, Your Majesty nail wrap and slay it!


  1. Jamberry You Fools Nail Wrapjamberry you fools

Everybody loves dogs, except for one person – Cruella Deville. She just loves the idea of using those poor, cuddly Dalmatians for her fashion business. Being in the fashion industry, of course, she has a distinct choice for clothes, hair, makeup, and jewelry. Just in case you pick her as your inspiration this Halloween, just make no mistake of offending her character with a dull fashion choice. Also, You Fools nail wrap design should go perfectly with it.


So now, are you inspired to bring the inner villain out of you? You only have this occasion once a year so you better slay your character! Having these nail wraps as an addition to your outfit ad overall look, nothing would certainly go wrong. Go ahead and shop Jamberry now, then choose your nail wrap design, you could still make it in time for Halloween. Rest assured, you’ll have a blast with those flashy nails. Most of all, I know your picture will be Instagram and Facebook perfect! Fun awaits in this once a year spooky night, so you better be ready for what lies ahead. Enjoy!

Little Known Risks Of Too Much Sleep You Need To Be Aware Of


Who doesn’t love to sleep? I guess no one. For most of us, the bedroom is a sanctuary – a place where we could all rest and relax after a long day at work or at school. There are even times that we find it hard to wake up in the morning and we just want to sleep more. In fact, the obsession to sleep is medically known as Clinomania which is just one of the many fascinating facts about sleep. Sleeping allows us to drift into a realm where we could be at peace and sometimes, we experience dreams. Keeping ourselves away from the temptation of bed and sleeping is hard to do, but sometimes, we don’t have much of a choice.


It feels so good to wake up having a good and sound sleep that you couldn’t help yourself to want more. Especially those people who can barely get enough sleep. Yes, sleeping might probably be the best activity we could do, however, it can also pose threats to our health if abused. According to recent studies, too much sleep can cause health problems. As what they say, too much of something is bad. Getting less or not enough sleep and having too much can definitely endanger our health. Here are the five risks you could get from too much sleep.


  1. Diabetes

Experts say that too much sleep can increase the risk of getting diabetes. People who sleep more than nine hours each night can get 50 percent greater risk of diabetes than people who sleep seven hours a night. The same goes for people who sleep less than five hours each night. Though, researchers haven’t given any solid conclusions regarding the link between sleep and diabetes, yet they strongly suggest that oversleeping can indicate underlying medical problems that could increase chances of getting diabetes.


  1. Obesity

Sleeping more than the required hours can make you gain weight. Researchers have found out that people who slept more than or less than seven to eight hours have gained more weight over the past six years. It is also said that during such instances of sleep, leptin levels (appetite-enhancing hormones) increases which result to higher food cravings which explain why people gain more weight.


  1. Headaches

Did you ever have that feeling when your head hurts after you overslept? People who are susceptible to headaches usually head pains after oversleeping. According to researchers, this pain is due to the effect oversleeping has on certain neurotransmitters in the brain, counting serotonin. When sleeping too much or if you have a shortage of sleep, serotonin fluctuates which triggers a headache.


  1. Depression

Oversleeping can raise the risk of depression. Researchers discovered that long sleep period increased the risk of depression symptoms based on the study of adult twins in 2014. Aside from that, people with depression sleep too much in which the body can’t cope up with the recovery, hence making the condition even worse. This is why sleeping within eight to nine hours are strongly suggested by experts.


  1. Heart Problems

Yes, sleeping too much can hurt your heart. This conclusion was derived from a research presented at the American College of Cardiology meeting back in 2012. According to this study, sleeping eight or more hours each night was linked to an increased risk of heart problems. It also mentioned that 38 percent of women who slept more than nine hours are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease.


  1. Getting Pregnant Can Be A Challenge

According to a research team in Korea in 2013, women who get at least nine to eleven hours of sleep have lower chances of getting pregnant. Although the study was not able to produce clear causal relationship, Dr. Evan Rosenbluth, a reproductive endocrinologist, significantly states that sleep habits can certainly alter circadian rhythms, hormone secretions, and menstrual cycles.


Pondering on these health risks can help you live a better quality of life – free from any dangers that too much sleep could cause. In as much as you want to succumb in the soft comfort of bed, you may want to impose on yourself not to sleep too much. You have nothing to lose if you follow good sleeping habits. In fact, it would be more beneficial on your part. So before going to bed tonight, take the time first to think about your health and decide on which road should you take. It’s your life, your choice, so be wise enough and shut your eyes as you drift away into a good night sleep. Have a sweet dream!



5 Little-Known Benefits Of Wine: What You Should Know

wine glass

The holiday season calls for a celebration! Parties are being held everywhere – literally. Speaking of which, Christmas is also fast approaching, another important event that’s worth celebrating. When there are parties, wines are always present. It brings people together, no matter what their status in life is. It makes everyone happy and there’s no doubt about that. Even in Ancient times, wines have been the beverage that is being served to everyone – except the slaves. Did you know that the Chinese are the world’s biggest red wine consumers? Surprising eh? They even outranked the French people who have been widely known as the leading wine producing country.

Grapes are the main ingredients in producing wine and France is the largest manufacturer. For centuries, wines have been part of our lives and we have been accustomed to it. This is why even in simple family dinners, you can see this exquisite beverage on the table.  Aside from being a party drink or dining beverage, wines have also been proven to have multiple benefits and uses such as disinfectant, antioxidant, veggie cleaner and much more. In addition, it has also been proven to have health benefits to us all. Here are the five little-known benefits of wine that you ought to know.


  1. Reduces Heart-Attack Risk And Heart Disease

heart diseaseAmong the classes and types of wine, the red wine has the most health benefits.  According to research, 1 to 2 glasses of red wine per day can increase overall survival rates. This explains why French people live longer compared to the British or the Americans. Drinking red wine can help prevent heart attacks and the threat of heart disease. Statistics show that people who drank two large glasses of wine a day were 13 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack.

  1. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

diabetesDiabetes has been one of the leading causes of deaths in the world. However, a study shows that drinking a glass of red wine at night can help people with diabetes manage cholesterol. Experts say that drinking should be done moderately because if not it could negate the benefits. Aside from that, since people with diabetes are more vulnerable to heart attacks, and drinking of red wine can protect them from experiencing this condition.

  1. Lowers Risk of Stroke

strokeDrinking red wine in moderation can lessen risks of stroke especially for women.  Experts suggest that red wine should be your first choice. The suggested amount is 1-2 glasses per day and if you go beyond that, you’re just increasing the risk of getting it instead. Wine contains alcohol that is composed of good cholesterol which prevents the occurrence of blood clots – the main cause of stroke.

  1. Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer

colon-cancer-screeningA recent study showed that abnormal colon growths which can lead to cancer can be avoided by drinking three or more glasses of red wine a week. A glass a day could even cut the risk of bowel cancer risks. This is possible because red wine contains resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of grapes which are known to have cancer-fighting qualities.

  1. Reduces Risk Of Cataracts

cataractsCataracts are the leading cause of vision loss among millions of people around the world. Now, experts say that moderate drinking of red wine can cut the risk of developing cataracts into a half. The study also found out that those who are wine drinkers were able to reduce risks of cortical cataract to 50 percent while nuclear cataract was reduced to almost 50 percent. Experts suggest drinking moderately to avoid liver problems, high blood pressure, and more.


In contrast with old beliefs, wines have a lot of health benefits and the ones mentioned above are just a few of the many. For years, it has also been used as ingredients to prepare best dishes in the world such as Champagne–Browned Butter Chicken, Chicken Picatta and a whole lot more. There are also excellent wines that are best paired with fruit desserts that will truly blow you away.

You also don’t have to worry if your bottle is half-empty, you can always reuse your wine for cooking any other incredible recipes. In life, there are thousands of things to be thankful for, so the next time you pop the bottle, don’t forget to be grateful especially this holiday season. Have a blast!

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Natural Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a serious and terrible disease which is also the leading cause of death among millions. Despite the advancement and innovations in conventional medicine, the natural approach is still safer. Various natural cancer treatments are available out there and it is definitely worth trying.

It has been one of the leading causes of death worldwide. This disease doesn’t choose its victim – whether you’re young, old, rich or poor, it can still strike you anytime. According to the World Health Organization, almost thirty percent of cancer can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle or by having immunizations against cancer-causing infections. In fact, the most common cancer types that killed millions are lung, stomach, liver, colorectal and esophagus. Though, it is still possible that it can be prevented by fighting off its symptoms such as fatigue. The range of natural treatments has been found to have significant effects on fatigue.


Conventional medicine has been used to treat cancer and it is the most widely used treatment. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are just a few of the many approaches that are being used to treat cancer. Due to the constant innovations in technology, more and more therapies are being born as to provide more options in fighting off this terrible disease. However, despite this fact, some people still prefer a natural approach or treatment. Conventional medicine is widely accepted and used by healthcare professionals, yet here are five natural cancer treatments that are worth trying and you can ask your doctor for approval.


  1. Hypnosis

    hypnosis for cancer


This technique is a deep state of concentration which is best for those cancer patients who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and pain. During hypnosis, the therapist will hypnotize you and help you relax. At the same time, he/she will help you focus on your goals wherein you can take control of your pain and reduce the stress that you are experiencing. It is proven to be safe as well as prevent other effects of chemotherapy, if you had one, such as nausea and vomiting.


  1. Exercise


Exercise has always been recommended in managing various medical conditions including cancer. It can help you relieve stress and it can help you get a better quality of sleep. You should ask your doctor for the best exercises and start slowly. As part of an exercise, yoga, tai chi, and other relaxation techniques can help you focus your attention on calming your mind and relaxing your muscles.


  1. Meditation


Research revealed that meditation can greatly help cure cancer. It is a deep concentration wherein you have to focus on a positive thought and soon you’ll be able to take control over your body. It can relieve anxiety and stress as well as calming the body, and help the individual to feel more relaxed. Anyone can learn how to meditate and it is not complicated but it’s purely safe.


  1. Cancer-Fighting Super Foods


    Source: www-80twenty-ca

Be careful of what you eat – eating the right food can help you fight and treat cancer. Nutrition is the key in fighting off the symptoms of cancer and giving yourself five to nine daily servings of all kinds of fruits and vegetables is a great way. Broccoli, berries, tomatoes, walnuts and beans are the six cancer-fighting super foods that you should remember to eat.


  1. Acupuncture


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses needles to treat diseases and medical conditions. The therapist will insert sterile needles into the right pressure points. This technique can reduce vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Aside from being safe, it can also help relieve pain caused by cancer. It should be done by professional practitioners to make sure that the process is safe.


A natural approach to treating cancer is safe, which is why more and more people are turning their attention to it especially in acupuncture. Aside from its proven benefits against cancer, it has also been proven to provide relief from various conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. You just have to look for professional acupuncture clinics as well as best practitioners to ensure that there will be no side effects or mistakes along the therapy. Of course, before leaping into this decision, you have to seek medical approval from your doctor to avoid worse case scenarios. Altogether, let’s all fight against cancer to protect our loved ones!

Give Your Nails A Make-Over This Halloween: 7 Nail Art Ideas Worth Trying


If you’re still curious about what’s everyone been talking about lately, don’t worry, I’ll tell you – it’s Halloween! Yes, pretty much most of the people around you are already looking forward to this year’s Halloween celebration. Kids, women, men and even the elderly are participating in this yearly festivity and everybody is already getting enthusiastic while counting down the days to go. Well, no one can’t blame them for feeling that way, besides, Halloween only happens once a year and it’s not every day that people could wear colorful costumes, collecting treats from neighbors, and enjoy a spooky night filled with fun.

Have you laid out a plan regarding what you’ll wear this year? If yes, then that’s great! You only have a few touches left to complete your preparation. If not yet, that’s ok, you still have a few more days to think about it and work on your outfit. Aside from the costume, makeup, and hairstyle, nail art is also a trending concept during Halloween – people are craving for it, especially girls. It is creative, stylish and you can design your won to complement the character you’re portraying. Not to mention, it’s a big plus to your overall costume. If you’re considering to have one, here are seven nail art ideas you could try.


  1. Pumpkin



Just like Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin-inspired nails are totally in every Halloween. You can do your pumpkin nail art in so many ways, like the simplest or basic one (orange and black nail polish), use glow in the dark nail polish, using or adding glitters, and trying out different colors to match your scary or fabulous costume.


  1. Frankenstein


Halloween won’t be complete without Mary Shelly’s famous fictional monster. Frankenstein, though scary, has been a beloved character all over the world. For this nail art design, you only need two colors of nail polish: solid lime green or any shade of green you want and black. Neon colored nail polish is also a good choice for this.


  1. Spider Web



Spiders are freaking awesome and during this magical festival, people love to design their place with its web – it adds spookiness to the setting. Most of the times, people dressed up as witches use this design, but you can wear it as you desire. Black and white or silver nail polish is being used to achieve this nail art design.


  1. Bats



The thought of Batman and vampires add to the popularity of bats, hence, more and more people love them especially during Halloween. The possibilities of bat nail art designs are endless. For example, you can incorporate Batman theme on your French manicure or add bat designs using black and silver acrylic nail design. You can also draw inspiration from the internet – the choice is yours.


  1. Mummy



These Egyptian characters just give us the chills especially when we see them in movies. It is also one of the most popular nails art designs. For this, you can use any color you want as long as it complements each other. Make sure that the eyes pop or stand out so that it will look creepier.


  1. Cats



Everybody loves cats! They are the witch’s favorite pet and black cats are perfect for Halloween. You can make it cute, spooky, scary or adorable! Minimalist cat nail art designs are better especially if you already have a costume. Color combination of black and white is nail polish is mostly used for this but you can go for what color you prefer.


  1. Skull Nails



When you say Halloween, the first thing that’ll pop in your head is bones or skulls. It’s a great accessory for this upcoming festival. Skull nail art designs are funky, cool and totally scary. Nowadays, people dig glow in the dark or neon colored nail polish for skull-inspired nail art. Still, you can use whatever nail polish you wish.

These nail art ideas we’ve mentioned above are only some of the best, and if you desire to create a design of your own, feel free to do so. Let your imagination work! Of course, nothing beats a good preparation so you better put your costume, makeup, hairstyle, and nail art plans in order, certainly, you’ll be freaky from head to toe. Also, you can simply wear black, put on a little makeup and let your nails work its magic. It’s also great to think out of the ordinary and add a little twist to your look especially in giving your nails a makeover. The most important thing of all is – you should have fun. Halloween is coming and fun beckons, are you to resist?