About Me

Hello! Before anything else, let me introduce myself. My name is Regina, I’m 27 years old, single, and happy. I love being single and living life to the fullest, besides, we never know when will be our last day, right? So it’s better to live – just live. I’m currently working as an associate at a publishing house, and I love my job.

Aside from that, I’m a loving sister to Karen, a beautiful and loving mother to three amazing kids, namely: Aaron (7), Gretchen (5), and Holly (4). If you’re wondering why I mentioned her here, let me tell you one thing: she’s the one involved in Jamberry business and not me. Yes, she’s a Jamberry Independent Consultant and I’m just helping her out with it. I’m the one managing this blog, with her supervision of course (that’s what a loving sister does).

Karen’s Story: Her Road To Jamberry Business

Before she got married, Karen worked as an accountant in a well-known firm in our area. When she got pregnant, she had to quit her job in order to avoid stress and miscarriage. She and her husband both decided that it’s better for her to stay at home and follow all her doctor’s advices. Well, it turned out perfect, because after nine months of healthy pregnancy, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Aaron. After two years, Gretchen came and then, Holly.

When Holly turned one, Karen felt that she needed to work again but then her husband told her to start a business instead since Aaron still needs attention and guidance. She searched and searched for the best business to try, luckily, she found one after a few months. To cut the story short, Karen then learned about Jamberry nail wraps from her friend Lindsey. Lindsey taught her everything that she has to know and from then on, Karen can’t stop talking about it. After three successful years of being in the Jamberry business, she decided to share her experience to the world and let the people know how it changed her life – our lives.

Then this happened…

Oh So Lacquered Blog | Jamberry Nail Wraps Blog By Me

jamberry experience

This was all Karen’s idea, even the name. It may sound weird, but the name came out naturally, or a little bit accidental rather. Anyhow, she wanted to tell her own story, experience and learnings thru this blog and since I’m the one who knows how to do it, it’s my innate responsibility to assist her. (wink)

Karen loved Jamberry nail wraps for more than one reason and she wants to express everything here in her blog. So, you’ll be reading a lot about it here, and certainly you’ll be learning more about nail health, nail art designs, care and a whole lot more as we go along. Just stay tuned!

Even I’m not as avid as her when it comes to these nail wraps, she taught me several tips to try and you’ll discover more of it. I use it whenever necessary, though, like when I’m attending events and special occasions. Her babies, Gretchen and Holly love it too!

This blog is something that you’ll need and the information you’ll find here definitely comes in handy, so, better keep yourself posted! The doors of awareness and learning are never shut, remember that. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Karen and Me