Give Your Nails A Make-Over This Halloween: 7 Nail Art Ideas Worth Trying


If you’re still curious about what’s everyone been talking about lately, don’t worry, I’ll tell you – it’s Halloween! Yes, pretty much most of the people around you are already looking forward to this year’s Halloween celebration. Kids, women, men and even the elderly are participating in this yearly festivity and everybody is already getting enthusiastic while counting down the days to go. Well, no one can’t blame them for feeling that way, besides, Halloween only happens once a year and it’s not every day that people could wear colorful costumes, collecting treats from neighbors, and enjoy a spooky night filled with fun.

Have you laid out a plan regarding what you’ll wear this year? If yes, then that’s great! You only have a few touches left to complete your preparation. If not yet, that’s ok, you still have a few more days to think about it and work on your outfit. Aside from the costume, makeup, and hairstyle, nail art is also a trending concept during Halloween – people are craving for it, especially girls. It is creative, stylish and you can design your won to complement the character you’re portraying. Not to mention, it’s a big plus to your overall costume. If you’re considering to have one, here are seven nail art ideas you could try.


  1. Pumpkin



Just like Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin-inspired nails are totally in every Halloween. You can do your pumpkin nail art in so many ways, like the simplest or basic one (orange and black nail polish), use glow in the dark nail polish, using or adding glitters, and trying out different colors to match your scary or fabulous costume.


  1. Frankenstein


Halloween won’t be complete without Mary Shelly’s famous fictional monster. Frankenstein, though scary, has been a beloved character all over the world. For this nail art design, you only need two colors of nail polish: solid lime green or any shade of green you want and black. Neon colored nail polish is also a good choice for this.


  1. Spider Web



Spiders are freaking awesome and during this magical festival, people love to design their place with its web – it adds spookiness to the setting. Most of the times, people dressed up as witches use this design, but you can wear it as you desire. Black and white or silver nail polish is being used to achieve this nail art design.


  1. Bats



The thought of Batman and vampires add to the popularity of bats, hence, more and more people love them especially during Halloween. The possibilities of bat nail art designs are endless. For example, you can incorporate Batman theme on your French manicure or add bat designs using black and silver acrylic nail design. You can also draw inspiration from the internet – the choice is yours.


  1. Mummy



These Egyptian characters just give us the chills especially when we see them in movies. It is also one of the most popular nails art designs. For this, you can use any color you want as long as it complements each other. Make sure that the eyes pop or stand out so that it will look creepier.


  1. Cats



Everybody loves cats! They are the witch’s favorite pet and black cats are perfect for Halloween. You can make it cute, spooky, scary or adorable! Minimalist cat nail art designs are better especially if you already have a costume. Color combination of black and white is nail polish is mostly used for this but you can go for what color you prefer.


  1. Skull Nails



When you say Halloween, the first thing that’ll pop in your head is bones or skulls. It’s a great accessory for this upcoming festival. Skull nail art designs are funky, cool and totally scary. Nowadays, people dig glow in the dark or neon colored nail polish for skull-inspired nail art. Still, you can use whatever nail polish you wish.

These nail art ideas we’ve mentioned above are only some of the best, and if you desire to create a design of your own, feel free to do so. Let your imagination work! Of course, nothing beats a good preparation so you better put your costume, makeup, hairstyle, and nail art plans in order, certainly, you’ll be freaky from head to toe. Also, you can simply wear black, put on a little makeup and let your nails work its magic. It’s also great to think out of the ordinary and add a little twist to your look especially in giving your nails a makeover. The most important thing of all is – you should have fun. Halloween is coming and fun beckons, are you to resist?


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