Little Known Risks Of Too Much Sleep You Need To Be Aware Of


Who doesn’t love to sleep? I guess no one. For most of us, the bedroom is a sanctuary – a place where we could all rest and relax after a long day at work or at school. There are even times that we find it hard to wake up in the morning and we just want to sleep more. In fact, the obsession to sleep is medically known as Clinomania which is just one of the many fascinating facts about sleep. Sleeping allows us to drift into a realm where we could be at peace and sometimes, we experience dreams. Keeping ourselves away from the temptation of bed and sleeping is hard to do, but sometimes, we don’t have much of a choice.


It feels so good to wake up having a good and sound sleep that you couldn’t help yourself to want more. Especially those people who can barely get enough sleep. Yes, sleeping might probably be the best activity we could do, however, it can also pose threats to our health if abused. According to recent studies, too much sleep can cause health problems. As what they say, too much of something is bad. Getting less or not enough sleep and having too much can definitely endanger our health. Here are the five risks you could get from too much sleep.


  1. Diabetes

Experts say that too much sleep can increase the risk of getting diabetes. People who sleep more than nine hours each night can get 50 percent greater risk of diabetes than people who sleep seven hours a night. The same goes for people who sleep less than five hours each night. Though, researchers haven’t given any solid conclusions regarding the link between sleep and diabetes, yet they strongly suggest that oversleeping can indicate underlying medical problems that could increase chances of getting diabetes.


  1. Obesity

Sleeping more than the required hours can make you gain weight. Researchers have found out that people who slept more than or less than seven to eight hours have gained more weight over the past six years. It is also said that during such instances of sleep, leptin levels (appetite-enhancing hormones) increases which result to higher food cravings which explain why people gain more weight.


  1. Headaches

Did you ever have that feeling when your head hurts after you overslept? People who are susceptible to headaches usually head pains after oversleeping. According to researchers, this pain is due to the effect oversleeping has on certain neurotransmitters in the brain, counting serotonin. When sleeping too much or if you have a shortage of sleep, serotonin fluctuates which triggers a headache.


  1. Depression

Oversleeping can raise the risk of depression. Researchers discovered that long sleep period increased the risk of depression symptoms based on the study of adult twins in 2014. Aside from that, people with depression sleep too much in which the body can’t cope up with the recovery, hence making the condition even worse. This is why sleeping within eight to nine hours are strongly suggested by experts.


  1. Heart Problems

Yes, sleeping too much can hurt your heart. This conclusion was derived from a research presented at the American College of Cardiology meeting back in 2012. According to this study, sleeping eight or more hours each night was linked to an increased risk of heart problems. It also mentioned that 38 percent of women who slept more than nine hours are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease.


  1. Getting Pregnant Can Be A Challenge

According to a research team in Korea in 2013, women who get at least nine to eleven hours of sleep have lower chances of getting pregnant. Although the study was not able to produce clear causal relationship, Dr. Evan Rosenbluth, a reproductive endocrinologist, significantly states that sleep habits can certainly alter circadian rhythms, hormone secretions, and menstrual cycles.


Pondering on these health risks can help you live a better quality of life – free from any dangers that too much sleep could cause. In as much as you want to succumb in the soft comfort of bed, you may want to impose on yourself not to sleep too much. You have nothing to lose if you follow good sleeping habits. In fact, it would be more beneficial on your part. So before going to bed tonight, take the time first to think about your health and decide on which road should you take. It’s your life, your choice, so be wise enough and shut your eyes as you drift away into a good night sleep. Have a sweet dream!