Bring Out Your Inner Villain This Halloween: 5 Jamberry Nail Wrap Designs To Rock The Night Away

“Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees, tonight is Halloween!” – Dexter Kozen

Can you feel the eerie wind kissing your skin and the chill that’s going down your spine? Don’t be surprised – it’s All Hallows’ Eve. It is believed that during this day, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural entities roam, haunt, and spread terror within the land. People then dress up and wear masks to ward off these spooky creatures. Or, so it was believed back in the ancient days and now, out of respect of the superstition, we celebrate this once a year festivity with thrill, plus a bundle of excitement.


Halloween is just around the corner, have you decided on what costume to wear? If yes, then that’s great, and if not yet, you still have few more days to go. On this special occasion, most people dress up as vampires, ghosts, zombies, witches, their favorite TV or movie characters, prince/princess, and of course, villains. Well, being a villain is fun. Not to mention, the makeup and overall look are truly terrifyingly beautiful. A lot of people prefer being villains on Halloween because it’s this time of year when they can actually be evil on the outside. So, if you want to be a villain, here are five Jamberry nail wrap designs you could consider to top off your outfit.


  1. Jamberry Mistress Of All Evil Nail Wrapjamberry mistress of all evil

Did you know that the most popular villain costume during Halloween is Maleficent? After Disney released its movie back in 2014 which stars Angelina Jolie as the evil fairy, people from all over the world can’t get enough of her. If you feel like personifying Maleficent, then go for it. Get your costume ready, especially the horns, and have our nails designed with the Mistress of Evil nail wrap – it’s the ultimate reflection of your character. When you enter a party, don’t forget to speak out one of Maleficent’s line.


  1. Jamberry Unfortunate Souls Nail Wrapjamberry unfortunate souls

Who would ever forget Ursula? The mean and nasty antagonist in the life of Ariel who also feeds on the poor, unfortunate souls. Well, she’s a tough villain and not to mention, has an exotic taste for fashion and makeup. If you’re going to portray her, you really have to copy her look and overall outfit (you can tweak it a bit). Best of all, use the Unfortunate Souls nail wrap design for your nails to completely bring her character to life – from head to toe, even in your fingernails.


  1. Jamberry The Reflection Of Evil Nail Wrapjamberry the reflection of evil

Of course, Snow White’s evil stepmother is always present during Halloween – she’s the one and only Evil Queen. Even though she’s wicked, she has style and class. You can buy her costume in stores near you or you can make one. To go well with your outfit, you can go ahead and try adding design to your nails with The Reflection of Evil nail wrap. This nail wrap design is chic and fabulous which will definitely suit your despicable character.


  1. Jamberry Yes, Your Majesty Nail Wrapjamberry yes your majesty

Off with their heads! No other villain is known for this line, only the Queen of Hearts – the detestable ruler who loves to oppress her people especially Alice. She obviously loves red and has a fascination with huge things, just like her head. After Helena Bonham-Carter played this role in the movie, she has become a common character during Halloween. Whenever you decide to embody her, top off your costume with Yes, Your Majesty nail wrap and slay it!


  1. Jamberry You Fools Nail Wrapjamberry you fools

Everybody loves dogs, except for one person – Cruella Deville. She just loves the idea of using those poor, cuddly Dalmatians for her fashion business. Being in the fashion industry, of course, she has a distinct choice for clothes, hair, makeup, and jewelry. Just in case you pick her as your inspiration this Halloween, just make no mistake of offending her character with a dull fashion choice. Also, You Fools nail wrap design should go perfectly with it.


So now, are you inspired to bring the inner villain out of you? You only have this occasion once a year so you better slay your character! Having these nail wraps as an addition to your outfit ad overall look, nothing would certainly go wrong. Go ahead and shop Jamberry now, then choose your nail wrap design, you could still make it in time for Halloween. Rest assured, you’ll have a blast with those flashy nails. Most of all, I know your picture will be Instagram and Facebook perfect! Fun awaits in this once a year spooky night, so you better be ready for what lies ahead. Enjoy!

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